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I am able to see the folder on my personal laptop but when i try to load the page on the computers in the lab i am getting a 404 page not found. I am trying to get the exam code pulled to my repo. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you give more details about the error that you're seeing when you run "git pull" inside your local ClassSharedRepo folder?


And can you give more details about what address you are trying to access when you get the 404 not found error?


i looked into the git service report and they posted an update that they are experiencing problems of unavailability and are looking into them. They gave their last update saying they are continuing maintenance about 20 minutes ago. i was trying to access


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In case anyone is looking for current updates: https://status.github.com/messages

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This appears to be a GitHub site-wide issue. We'll have to keep checking the status here, to see when they get everything fixed: https://status.github.com/messages

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