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Can anyone summarize what will be on the MiniExam3? I tried to look on Moodle but there is no direction for the exam

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I know the most important task is understanding the code in Stondahl's ExamStarterCode file on the class repository. We need to be able to add features to the two programs there. I'm not sure if there are other sections of the exam.

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Nope, no other sections. Just coding on those two programs.

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Note: I finally did post slides from the last few class periods on Moodle, but it still doesn't say that much about the exam. I mostly talked about that aloud during class. I'll try to repeat roughly what I said before here:

MiniExam 3 Summary

This exam is all about hands-on software development/coding. On the computer. With access to the internet, your own code repositories, and any other resources you want to bring with you (textbooks, notes, etc). But you can't get help from any other person.

You will start with basically the same code that's inside of the ExamStarterCode project that's currently in the ClassSharedRepo (https://github.com/AugustanaCSC285Fall18/ClassSharedRepo).

To prepare for the exam -- import that project into your Eclipse workspace. Read all the code. Talk about it with your classmates. (Refer to Skrien Chap 8 or the slides from class if necessary to better understand some of the design patterns used in the drawing app.) Play around with the code -- change some things.

On Monday, you will get your own copy of this code in a private repository, and you will be asked to complete several concrete software development tasks, ranging from simple to more challenging.

You will also need to use git to commit your code as you work (and write good commit messages!), but there won't be any merge conflicts, etc., because you won't have any teammates for this exam.

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Thank you so much!