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Anyone know of any good apps for writing on top of PDFs? e.g. if a student has a handout or slides in PDF format, and they want to write free-form (e.g. with their finger, or a stylus), or if they want to type, or otherwise add information / annotate the PDF?

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Maybe you can spend $1000 to buy an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil just to annotate pdfs.

Just kidding, you can try Foxit, Edge browser, writing with your trackpads.
If you don't have a printer to print the document, you can align a blank piece of paper onto the screen to see where the text is on the paper, then write onto the blank space and scan that paper. You can then merge the two pieces using photoshop or similar softwares. :)

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PDF Xchange Editor is okay. The free version does most of the things one might want.

It's Windows-only, but does run under WINE for Linux.

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If you open a PDF in Word it will convert it into an editable document so that it can be written in like a regular Word file. That would work with handouts but I don't know about slides.

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