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Coding bat is a good website to practice with syntax and basic list/set manipulations. (https://codingbat.com/python). Some of the exercises are pretty simple but it's a good way to get comfortable with the syntax/style of python. Hope this helps.

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If you are comfortable enough with Python syntax, you can head to leetcode or hackerrank to solve problems using Python which I think is the best way to practice Python.

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The suggestions on moodle page for us were pretty good. Specially the book https://runestone.academy/runestone/books/published/thinkcspy/index.html and the course https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-python.

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You could also try practicing with the questions on open.kattis.com. There's a really wide range of difficulty with those problems so you can find questions for any skill level.

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Agree, Open Kattis is not only a great source to pratice our skills at different level, but would also helps a lot if you are considering doing ICPC annual coding contest

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I use youtube for a heavy amount of my leaning. There are endless free tutorials and lessons out there. If you don't like one persons method of teaching just switch videos!

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