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I need help coming up with ideas for features to implement to a potential coronavirus alert app that updates users about the developing situation. So far the only feature I have is to set up recurring notification reminders to wash your hands.

I welcome any suggestions!!

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Don't let this dim your enthusiasm for the app, but due to a rash of apps on this topic (some of which were spreading false information), it looks like Google (& Apple & Amazon) have suspended publishing of new apps related to COVID-19, unless they are from official/trusted organizations/entities.


So... even though you may not be able to get your app into the Play Store, it could still be an excellent individual project, and you'd learn a lot from making it. (Also, some of your family/friends could still install it directly from downloading the APK file if they wanted to -- and set their app install permissions to allow that.)


(And, of course, some people were putting malware into supposed Corona-Virus tracking apps... https://www.cnet.com/news/fake-coronavirus-tracking-apps-are-really-malware-that-stalks-its-users/ -- this is why we can't have nice things!)

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Send a notification for each new case of coronavirus confirmed worldwide.

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More serious though, maybe the ability to get a notification if someone gets the CV in your town/local area (could use web scraping to find news articles or new info)


I like this idea. I think I'd just have to make it monitor local news outlets for coronavirus related articles to identify when someone in the area gets infected.

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You could use the google map pins or just have some way for people to see the closest treatment center. You could also have a page on symptoms/ways you can try and prevent getting it.

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I like that. Implement maps to show users their health care options and provide basic information on the virus and how it is spread. Definitely would be a useful feature