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I think that adding a form of loading screen to my program would be interesting. I feel like I may have an idea of how to create one, but am not 100% sure and would like some potential ideas/more clarification.

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Hello all -

Just figured I'd share this tutorial I found helpful that guides you in creating a loading screen.

While I am not aware of any requirement with regards to a loading screen, and the functionality/features of your code should probably take first and highest priority, I figured this would be a fun thing to share in case you would like to consider adding one.

You could easily create a welcome screen in a variety of programs such as photoshop or powerpoint (of which you could save as a pdf and convert to a different image format, or use the snipping tool(built into windows)).

Click here to go to the video (youtube)

Here is another one that isn't as well explained, but implements some cool moving parts:

Click here to go to the video (youtube)

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Please note that loading screens are only helpful to the user IF your program takes a long time to load, and you want your users to know that something is happening (e.g. so they don't click on the launcher icon again while getting impatient). Otherwise, it's better to jump immediately to a screen that does something useful!

On the other hand, each team does need to create an ABOUT/CREDITS screen (but it probably shouldn't be displayed to the user every time they launch they program... tuck it away in a Help Menu or something like that....)