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My individual project idea was turned into our group project and I need a new individual project. Any ideas are welcome! I could really use the help brainstorming.

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People are always searching for good sources of information that are well designed and easy to use.

Finding a niche that you know better than the average person (expertise) and developing a solution out of there it always a good idea.

I'd recommend writing out the subjects you think you know best and then trying to figure out something that you know would be able to benefit somebody else or help them solve a problem.

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You could write some software for a self driving car. Here's some starter code:

public void selfDrivingCar() {
    boolean goingToCrash = false;

    if (goingToCrash) {

public void dont() {
    System.out.println("You nearly crashed!");
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This is brilliant, but I don't know if I have the abilities to create such a sophisticated application. This seems to exceed the knowledge I currently possess and will ever possess.

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Will you make a website that displays photos of your dog?

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Visualized sorting algorithm?

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Sorting what type of information?

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You could try and do a hangman type game where a user guesses a letter than if it isn't in the string(you could have a set list and randomly pick one). then the user gets a strike. X amount of strikes and they lose. Guess the word and they win. I don't know if this would be too complicated and everything that would go into it but its just an idea.

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Thanks for the idea Scott. I'll see if it can work


I ended up deciding to adapt this idea and make a hangman app where the user can guess words that the app chooses for them. The uniqueness comes from the user being able to suggest words for the word bank so that they can personalize the words they could be guessing. This also opened up the possibility of making the app a study tool for students so they can input vocab words and display a definition hint to help them guess the word.

Thank you for the idea!