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You can use this basic template to get you started:

As a — this is the WHO. Who are we building this for? Who is the user?
I want — this is the WHAT. What are we building? What is the intention?
so that — this is they WHY. Why are we building it? What is the value for the customer?

Be sure to include what the acceptance criteria is for your specific story too.
This means that you should explain what would be the expected acceptable status for your app to be in for the user to say it works correctly.

Check out these links that go into detail on how to write the best user stories for you proposals:
- https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/how-and-why-to-write-great-user-stories-f5a110668246/
- https://blog.easyagile.com/how-to-write-good-user-stories-in-agile-software-development-d4b25356b604

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Thanks Kevin! This helped me write my project proposal a lot

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Thanks Kevin, I will check this out and apply it to the group project proposal.

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Thank you Kevin, honestly when I was writing my individual project proposal I was confused on writing the user stories and most of the places online aren't great at explaining it.

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I had a similar experience Scott. Kevin has provided the best explanation of user stories that I've come across!

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I found similar templates too so this definitely helps!

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Should have viewed this answer earlier.. thanks btw

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