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I was thinking of doing a mental health app to track your symptoms day to day along with resources and tips to help you cope and little positive affirmations.

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I am thinking between a FI/RE app that has calculators and reference guides for people interested in FI/RE or a Music Theory App that contains information about different subjects on music theory mainly scales and modes.

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May sound strange but hear me out... one of my roommates (my "client") gave me the idea for a yelp review style app for... wait for it... restrooms. I know its not something people want to necessarily think about but how annoying is it when you go somewhere and find out they have a horrible restroom? I know I hate it. This is something I feel could be revolutionary and I hope will be attainable.

I guess I should ask if anyone would actually think that they might use this app?

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Yeah scrapping this idea...