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Hi, I've been having trouble with displaying my user's course schedules on HTML.

My initial thought of making the code work was to let 3 files communicate with each other.
I have:
- course.php file that lets you choose your preferred course by using radio button vaules (displayed in HTML), which should insert your choice to the sqlSave.php file.
- sqlSave.php file that allows the course choices to be saved to the SQL table.
- userschedule.php file that retrieves and displays the SQL data from the database in basic HTML.
This is a link to a few suggestions online that I took into account to try and make the code work.
What I have been having problem with the files is that the sqlSave.php file has only been able to establish a connection to the database that has the SQL table.
I tried troubleshooting my code by using "echo" before the query function and realized that the function does not even run which should presumably insert the data points that I need into the SQL table's respective columns.

Do you guys have any other suggestions on how to add HTML values into an SQL table and then being displayed onto the website?


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