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The final will probably be written, if he follows the same format of his previous classes.

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If the tests are similar to his previous classes, there will be a question for everything that he sent us in the email where you are given a page and pretty much write down everything you know about the topic.


What exactly do you think he will be looking for in his test questions? Does he just want us to show that we have a basic understanding of each of the topics on the syllabus? I'm just trying to figure out what I will need to study when I start preparing.


Yes he will probably be looking for you to show that you have a basic understanding of each topic. Everything he sent in the syllabus will probably be on the test, so you just have to be able to show that you know something about each topic.

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I think it will be written. He uses the same format for all his classes last term so I think it'll be the same this term. Also yesterday we asked him if we get a half-page cheat sheet and he said yes. Did he mention it in class?

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Oh really?!
He didn't mention that in class.
Thanks for the information!

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We are having a written final

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The final is written with no coding.

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It was written I believe

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