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This is the code I used!

let zcor-var -16
let xcor-var 16

repeat 10 [

ask patches [

  if pzcor = zcor-var and pxcor <= xcor-var [ set pcolor red ]
  raytracing:set-reflection .3


set zcor-var (zcor-var + 1)

ifelse xcor-var = 16 [set xcor-var (xcor-var - 10)] [set xcor-var (xcor-var - 2)]

So the zcor-var is keeping track of the height that we are filling in, and the xcor-var is keeping track of how long the stair is going to be. We increase the zcor to get a higher level, and decrease the xcor so that the stairs are incremented.

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Is there anyway I could change where the stairs are aligned, I want it on the other side of the cube but when I tried to edit the xcor-var the stairs are either upside down or it fills up the rest of the cube.


This is very creative approach. Thank you Riley

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You could single out individual patch by right clicking on them. Or you could set patches to a picture of a really basic version of stairs.

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I meant inclined patches in netlogo 3d


I have no clue then.