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This is so helpful, the same thing happened to me.

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Yes. NetLogo auto-saves files as you are working on them. The path to the auto-save file depends on whether or not the NetLogo model has been saved.

For NetLogo models which have been saved, a hidden file with the name “.filename.tmp.nlogo” will be created in the same directory as the NetLogo model.

For unsaved NetLogo models, autosave files can be found in your OS-specific java temporary directory. The files are named according to the following format: autosave_yyyy-MM-dd.HH_mm_ss.nlogo where the time and date are the time and date the model was opened. The exact path will depend on your operating system:

On Mac OS, the temporary directory is /var/folders/68/<30-character-alphanumeric-sequence>/T/. The 30-character-alphanumeric-sequence is unique to each machine.
On Windows the logs can be found in C:\Users is the logged in user.
On most non-Mac Unix-like systems the temp directory is /tmp.

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thanks for sharing this is really helpful!