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Im looking to make something like a 10x10x10 cube of patches a different color rather than the whole thing

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You could always use different breeds as well.

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To set certain patches color with ticks, I think you need to add more conditions to your if statement. For example, this code will change color of patches in the corner if ticks are bigger than 500,

ask patches [
if (ticks > 500) and (pxcor > 5) and (pycor > 5) and (pzcor > 5)[
set pcolor 12 + random 16

Hope this helps.

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Thank you this is exactly what I was going for, I appreciate it.

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if you know the coordinates of the patches, you can use if statements ti just turn those patches to different color

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lmk if you need more help, I would be happy to do it


so I want the patches to only change after a certain number of ticks like so :

ask patches [
    if ticks > 500 [set pcolor 12 + random 16]
    if ticks > 550 [ set pcolor black]

I think I understand now how to set certain patches colors with the if command, but with the ticks I dont know how to do this.