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I haven't tested it, but you can try this:

From the terminal...

sudo port install ffmpeg

then you'd need to cd to the right folder where all of your PNG files are. e.g., something like this:

cd ~/Documents/mymoviefiles

then run something like:

ffmpeg -r 5 -i "renderstem_%05d.png" -q:v 2 -r 25 mynewmovie.mp4

where 5 is the frames per second to use, and renderstem is the name you used when you did raytracing:start-movie in NetLogo.

Let me know whether this works if you try it!

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Ive successfully downloaded the ffmpeg through the terminal, but it does not locate the folder I am attempting to put the file into, and I am not sure how to fix this problem.

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Alternatively, someone else in the class suggested that you can import all of the images into iMovie, and turn off "Ken Burns" style effects, and change the slideshow speed to be faster...

I haven't tested that either, but it might be a lot easier!

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