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Currently my group is functioning with two gui elements, a browse box and a main window. I've heard that other groups have been using multiple frames to display the main part of the program. Would it be more efficient and clean not to clutter the screen with gui boxes, or would cramming everything in one box be problematic? Any opinions on this matter?

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Well the reason why some groups are using multiple windows is just so everything doesn’t build up in the same place. Personally I think one or two windows would be fine so long that the new windows actually DO something. For example when you click export a new windows might be necessary for data previous display or for file selection.
But I would not want to put the video display in a window inside the main window because there’s is no point on doing so.

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Is your browse box another GUI like a window with a .fxml file and controller. Honestly, I think that you shouldn't try to cram everything into one window; however, if it doesn't look crammed and each button/field is clearly labeled and quite descriptive, then you should be fine. I think the number of windows also depends on how you plan to integrate your manual and auto trackers if you have yet to do so.

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I think one of the main reason for this may be because it will help you to debug easier when there are problems. Moreover, they are also more professional and convenient if you using multiple gui boxes.

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