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So with hearing about calibration we seem led to use the ruler that may or may not be in the video. This ruler is ideally 100 cm which the video can use quite well. I was wondering though could we just have the user enter say 10 cm or even just 1 cm? Would this work the same or be more or less efficient than using 100cm?

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My opinion would be that using the entire 100cm would help make your scale more accurate. The larger the range you use for your measurements, the smaller the error in the measurements would be. Our group hasn't designed a scaling function yet, but I bet it would be just as easy to use the full 100 cm as 1 cm, too.

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I would further emphasize that the ruler may not be in all of the videos. I would focus on using the box measurements for the conversion rates because we know there will be some sort of arena bounds in each video (they aren't just gonna let the chicks roam free and out of the video capture range).

I agree with Chris that I would think that the conversion would be a little more accurate when using a larger number because they are clicking to determine the pixel to cm ratio.

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