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This is what I used as well and it worked well.

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For the "still image" assignment I asked you to turn in a 3000x2400 pixel image (high resolution, for printing up to 8x10 inches at 300 DPI). (Or you could do a 2400x3000 pixel image, if you want portrait orientation, instead of landscape).

During testing, I would use a smaller resolution (maybe 1000x800), so you can try things and get results much faster, but once you have your final scene, lighting, & camera angle all picked out, you should then use:

raytracing:output-resolution 3000 2400

or, for tall images:

raytracing:output-resolution 2400 3000

However, for a video, this high resolution will probably take forever to render, so maybe something more like 800 x 600 would be a good choice.

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Probabaly around 1600 by 1200

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I would definitely wait to make the resolution bigger until you are done. It can take a very long time depending on your artwork.

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I used 1240 x 1024. but it depends on how you want your view to look like.

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