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If I use orbit-right/left the view spins more like a top-down view of a lazy Susan and less like a globe (which is what I'm aiming for). This is kind of hard to explain but I want it to look like what I'm seeing is spinning like a top. I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

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I added a button that says "orbit-left 0.5" to be able to orbit around my picture.

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That happens when you are currently viewing the world from the top-down view, which is what you get when you start, or when you reset-perspective.

Instead, if you orbit-down 90 first (either with code, or with the mouse), then when you orbit-left you will spin around the scene, instead of the "lazy susan" view.

However, if you've already written all your code based on the X-Y view, you may have to change a fair number of things to make it appear the same way in the X-Z or Y-Z view. For example, you may need to start your turtles at low zcor instead of low ycor, to be at the bottom of the screen.

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