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i was wondering how we could record sound from our computers

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[Windows only]

i found a way to record audio coming out of your PC:

This is by using a sound recording device pre-installed in Windows 10.

First you have to enable a sound recording device called "Stereo Mix" and use it rather that the device " Microphone " (( this is in the section " Recording " in your sound control panel )) , this makes you target sounds that are coming out of your PC rather than sounds that go into your PC via microphones.

Then you can use a third party recording program that will record any sound that goes through the device you primarily selected ( which is in this case "Stereo Mix " ). The technique i mentioned earlier is just a way to tell the third party recording program what sound to target.

The simplest third party audio recorder i found is Audacity, i am pretty sure you all are going to know how to use it:

Download for PC: https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity.html?dwl=audacity-win-2.3.3.exe

Links with images for clearer instructions:



I hope this helps .

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Not only is audacity good for recording a PC's audio, it's a great general-use recording software! Definitely take Driss' advice and download it because it can be useful in this class as well as for other purposes.


was very useful

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Thanks for the info! Helpful!

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