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Can you elaborate on your question? It's not quite clear to me what you're wanting to achieve, or what the problem is?


The resolution of my image becomes lower and lower when I sprout more than 1 turtle on the patches. It looks more sharper with only one turtle.


I made my patch size as small as one to make the resolution better.

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Doesn't making the patch size bigger increase the resolution?

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Well, that depends -- if he's importing an image, then he may want to make the world dimensions bigger, by changing the min/max-pxcor and min/max-pycor variables. That would help with the resolution of the imported image.

Making the patch size bigger helps make the whole canvas larger, but it could still have a blocky-looking image get imported if there aren't enough patches...

However, I'm not sure quite what Estephanos wants to do, or how it relates to having multiple turtles getting sprouted at each patch...