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So after hearing different things, I want to clarify what needs to be done for tomorrow. What exactly should manual tracking be doing exactly? Should it be selecting which auto-track segments go to which chick or is it suppose to make a new data point for a specific chick? I am lost in what is technically due for tomorrow on the manual tracking.

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For manual tracking, I would picture that the user would be able to select (with the mouse) positions for a given chick at a specified time (using the time slider), that these positions would be recorded in memory, and that the user might be able to see (and preferably also edit) those positions (and which chick they belong to) if they return to that time on the time slider.

Certainly it would also be nice if the user could also view and interact with the auto-tracking data, but I am unsure how many teams will be able to include this feature, especially since I provided the teams with auto-tracking code rather late in Sprint 1.

Different teams may also have chosen different goals for their sprint 1 backlog... however, hopefully all teams will have a reasonable working demo (with some core features) to show our clients, which will allow them to get feedback from the clients.

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