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Do you think its better to add a sign up page to our project. If so any style suggestions?

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I would love to helo answer your question, but what do you mean by a sign-up page for our project? Are you talking about our final project or this assignment we are currently working on? Could you possibly clarify what you meant? Thanks!

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Renee -- I appreciate for your enthusiasm, but Thomas is actually in CSC 215, the "Web Programming" course with Dr. Tauheed, so he's talking about a different final project.

This same online Q&A board is used for a variety of computer science courses. Most of the posts are currently in the "CSC 150 category", but there are a few students in CSC 215 who are using it too. (Hopefully some more CSC 215 students will get online and help Thomas out!).

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It is totally up to you if you want students to be added to the database through html page. or you can store in database and just use the log in page based on how you update your own database

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