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Not sure how that can be achieved, but you can have one patch with a certain color and another patch next to it with different color

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I'm not sure how you could do that but you can color over the patches you want to be the second color by going over them with a turtle that has the color that has the same color.
Like you could set the patch color green but then you could use the turtles to add yellow to your work.

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Yes, each patch can only ever be ONE color (at a time). (If you need more resolution, you can make the patches smaller, and make more patches, by changing the "Settings" button... so you could have smaller squares of color). Or, like Yadel suggests, you can use turtles.

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A patch can only be one color, but you can make the patches smaller and the size bigger to make it seem like there are more colors in the patch.

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