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On Windows computers:

Go to "This PC" (or "My Computer" on earlier versions of Windows), and in the top toolbar find the "Map Network Drive" option.

For the Drive letter, choose S:.
For the Folder, enter \mimir\COMMON\CLASS\CS\150

For username, enter "AUGIENT\" followed by your Augustana username. For example, if your name is Harry Potter, use:

username: AUGIENT\harrypotter19
password: harrypotter'saugustanapassword

That should do it!

On Mac computers:

From a Finder window, use the "Go" menu, and choose "Connect to Server".

For the location enter smb://mimir.augustana.edu/COMMON/CLASS/CS/150
Use the same username and password as shown above for Windows.

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When I enter the name for the folder it keeps on saying that I might have misspelled something or I'm not on the network.