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I need to know so I can prevent conflicts with a presentation in another class and I can't seem to find the date for our presentations on moodle.

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We technically don't have a "Sprint 2" it's already the last sprint before we present the final project to our client. So our presentation is during finals week. Since you (and I) are in the 1pm section for 285, we will be presenting our projects to the client on Monday Oct 29th (finals week) from 12-2. I'm betting we will present just how we did when we went over the story boards and use cases (each group gets a specific time limit and we each go individually).

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You're right that Sprint 2 is the final sprint, and the presentation day/time will be the final exam period, but the presentation format will likely be a little different. Typically at the end of the term, the teams do more formal stand-up presentations (generally with some PowerPoint slides), and they also do a live demo showcasing the features of their software.