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I am confused about question 13 and question 15:
13.A line of code with " = new Runnable() { ... }" is using (choose the BEST option)
a.a static nested method
b.a method local inner class
c.an inner class
d.an anonymous inner class
15.Which of the following is NOT a sensible use for a ChangeListener?
a.executing action whenever the user text in text field.
b.executing action whenever the user move slider
c.executing action whenever a button is clicked.

Can anyone help me with this?

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On #15, I took it that a and b are actions called by changes in the Control's internal states while c is simply an action called by the event.

On #13, the line of code is a class, so not a. The reading defines a method local inner class as one that can only be instantiated within the method it was defined and an anonymous inner class as a class that is declared and instantiated simultaneously generally for the purpose of overriding the method of a class or an interface. The line of code in question instantiates the Class Runnable, and will ultimately override the run() method. So ... it's an anonymous inner class.

I think.

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