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I know we all tend to overlook the syllabus but here is some important information straight from the syllabus.

Team Presentation Objectives:
• Main goals:
◦ Demonstrate your paper’s key insights using good visual/oral communication skills!
◦ Demonstrate the data analysis process that you followed and techniques that you used.
• Minor goal: Briefly discuss any major lessons learned as a result of this project – either technical
skills, collaborative teamwork skills, etc.
Presentation Expectations:
• Your presentation audience is: fellow students, general audience – please invite friends, family, etc!
• I expect professional dress code, and professional demeanor throughout the presentation.
• Speak clearly and loudly enough for all to hear. Make eye contact with your audience.
• The presentation should be interesting/engaging, as well as informative.
• I would expect team presentations to take about 15-20 minutes, including time for questions.
• A rehearsal is HIGHLY recommended, to make it smooth and ensure your timing is all right.
• DO NOT: chew gum, look at your shoes, or have a private conversation with the chalkboard!

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Thank you for this information!

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