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For those of you who were struggling to get openCV working on your macs like I was, Dr. Stonedahl helped me figure it out earlier today. One of the main problems was the default text editor that is used for Terminal on Mac, Vim. It can be kind of tricky to navigate/use. You can look up Vim commands on google, but installing something more user friendly like nano would probably be a good idea. Ask Dr. Stonedahl for any help. The other major problem was not having the usr folder show up in my finder. Turns out that was because it is seen as a hidden file by Mac. To show your hidden files, press Command + Shift + "." (the period key). You should be able to see the usr file now.

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Which OpenCV library are you talking about (Python, Java, C++)?

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I think this man graduated years ago and the OpenCV library is the least of his concerns now xD