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Some people were talking about firebase, some people were talking about hosting on git. What is the easiest to implement/best place to host your web app?

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Does the app require anything to be run on the server side, or is it all client-side Javascript?

(Do you have persistent data that's being stored on a server somewhere? Are you using Firebase, or some other database?)

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I don't know anything about posting on git but posting on firebase is very simple to do and is currently what the ACES app uses. Here is a tutorial about hosting on Firebase:


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I dont know too much about hosting web apps but i have used a free service called Heroku that was pretty easy to implement. All i needed to do was install a command line tool and linked the service to my application on GitHub.


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When I made my web game last year, I hosted with EasyDNS. It's pretty cheap, and it let me actually run my game off the site, which I couldn't do hosting on GitHub. I think a lot of that was unique to my case, but you might also run into some issues trying to run your app off the git page, depending on the amount of traffic you expect and what you're actually trying to do.

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The homebase team is hosting our static site on Github and deploying it using a service called Netlify. It's really easy to learn and pretty intuitive. I personally used Firebase hosting for my individual project, but I prefer GH and Netlify by far. This, of course, would change if we weren't building a static webapp.

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I prefer gitHub for our react web app because it can be deployed easily with 1-2 steps. You will have a webpage instantly, but you will need to tweak it a little because what you see locally might not be the case when the app is hosted on a web server.