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For my individual project, I am looking at making a global heatmap. I have found some examples that look interesting {https://plot.ly/python/choropleth-maps/#world-choropleth-map, http://ramiro.org/notebook/geopandas-choropleth/} but when I try running their example code to figure it out python tells me that the modules they use don't exist. Does anyone know anything about this?

(specific modules = plotly and pyplot)

Or does anyone know of any good way to go about creating a global heatmap?

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Another good resource is geoplot.choropleth for global heatmaps! Much easier to figure out -- just import geoplot and choropleth is a density function within this library.

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For plotly, you probably need to open up the "anaconda prompt" from the start menu, and run:

conda install plotly

or, if that doesn't work, try:

pip install plotly

Plotly is a web-based service though, so you'll also need to register an account with them. See: https://plot.ly/python/getting-started/


For pyplot -- I think that should have been installed as part of matplotlib, so it should already be installed. You may need to put something like this:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

at the top of your code though. See: https://matplotlib.org/users/pyplot_tutorial.html

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