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I'm lazy at typing. Thanks.

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For navigation in the code, if there are a lot of minor errors next to each other, instead of having to go through and click at each position I use CTL-Shift and left/right arrows to highlight chunks of code - if it's just individual character errors just hold Shift and use the left/right arrows and it will highlight char by char instead of in blocks.

To access a full list of shortcuts in eclipse, hold CTL-Shift-L.

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A couple of my favorites are:

  • Control+Space (to auto-complete)
  • Control+1 for "quick fix", when your cursor is over a red-underlined error.
  • ALT+SHIFT+R to rename a variable or method is also very handy.

In general (not Eclipse specific), the fastest way to select text is to hold down on the SHIFT key while using the keyboard arrows (or home/end), instead of using the mouse. Then you can use the usual Control+X, Control+C, Control+V to cut, copy, paste.

Also, if you look through the Eclipse menus, almost all of the actions have a shortcut key assigned to them, which is listed in the menu item...

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