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I've already checked the "Fix video loading" section on Lab 03. It won't let me add OpenCV as a library. It has happened on multiple computers in the lab. OpenCV is under Java Build Path Order and Export, but it doesn't show up as a library nor on the package explorer pane. So if I try to do anything with Open CV it tells me to fix project set up (under which I cannot find a way to add Open CV) or create the classes myself.

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1 Answer

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You may need to make sure that the case is correct for the "User Library" you created.
I recommend that everyone use all lower case opencv.

Also, the User Libraries are specific to your Eclipse "workspace".

Check if your opencv User Library exists (under Window->Preferences->Java->Build Path->User Libraries).

Also, try right-clicking on your project, and doing Build Path->Configure Build Path, to see what libraries it is looking for that it can't find?

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I will try that tomorrow. And also, I had literally just left the lab like 5-10 minutes before you answered.