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Can someone put the order of how the internet works from the activity we did on Monday?

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If I remember right the pc sends a DNS request which goes over ethernet to a DNS server. The DNS server sends the IP of the website host back and the the pc sends a request throught the ethernet and firewall, then to a router that sends the request through some more routers along fiber optic cables until it reaches the host of the website. Then the host sends back the website data with a '200' for ok or a '404' if there was an error.

I think thats the general idea.

PC => firewall => routers => host
host => routers => firewall => PC

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I think that host computers making the request have the options to use preferred DNS servers and DNS caching in order to speed up the process. So that when a HTTP GET is requested to a web server it may have an opportunity to get there in fewer hops.

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