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I'm in CSC335 and CSC490. Do I need to ask twice as many questions or earn twice as many points to meet the requirements for both classes?

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2 Answers

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He said in the first time of the term that Lovelace point will separate between classes, so yes, you need twice as many point.

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Yes, people in two classes need to earn twice as many points.

(I recall mentioning this point during week one in one of my classes, but I can't remember which one!)

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I should clarify though, that I will simply be dividing your total points by two, not trying to sort out how many points you earned in each of the categories (because the Q&A website doesn't provide any easy way for me to do that).

In fact, if you answer questions for the CSC 212 students, or chime in on a DATA 360 thread, all those points would count as well. However, it's probably better to focus on asking/answering questions related to the classes that you are enrolled in!

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