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I took Database Management last term and know some SQL. That used Google Cloud servers, which I'd rather not pay for, but perhaps there's something free I can use with SQL. How does Firebase compare and is it worth learning? What are some resources for learning it besides Kyle Workman?

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There are a lot of Firebase tutorials out there, although some of them are for creating web apps with Javascript, some of them are for Android, and some for iOS.

Here's one that talks contrasts how to store data efficiently in Firebase vs. an SQL table: https://gonehybrid.com/firebase-database-best-practices/

Here's the official document about how to add Firebase to your iOS app: https://firebase.google.com/docs/ios/setup and at the bottom it has links to more sample apps that use Firebase...

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I'm using Firebase in my team and individual project, and I think it's extremely to use. I've just been following the online tutorials, and now I got it up and running with my individual project over the weekend.

That's a basic tutorial to get you able to read and write to a firebase database.

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Little late for this, but Firebase is definitely the choice for me. Their Firestore system allows for easy yet powerful querying, and even if you use their RTS it's just very intuitive and easy.

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Firebase is the way to go if you want to build a smaller scale app. It provides data storage, cloud functions, and authentication which you will have to build on your own if you want to create your own backend.

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I would use firebase, i had bad memories with SQL

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