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Does anyone know what to do next? I'm super confused about our team project. I know that we have to update our UMLs, but other than that? When is the deadline? When should we start writing something? I realize that there is no homework for tomorrow, which is in fact not a good sign. I guess I should learn more about git or opencv, but without a specific task, I just don't think it is going to work.

I know this is not an introduction course anymore, but I really really really miss Practice it :(

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Actually, no, you don't need to turn in updated versions of your UML diagrams (although you are welcome to update it IF you think it will help your team to have an improved architectural plan as you move forward with the project). It may also be helpful to write some Java code before revising your diagram.

At this point, you should really be focusing your effort on the project -- and yes, you should be writing code for it, preferably in pair programming sessions with teammates. You have the shared repositories now, and you have the basic skills you need to start developing this software.

There will be challenges, and you'll need to learn a lot as you go, but... go you must! We need to have (small) working demos of the software by Monday of week 7!

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