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from "The Ethics of Online Privacy with Andy Cullison" podcast

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How does one decide whether the benefits trump the consequences? (Can you give a specific example?)


For instance, personally I found a lot of advertisements on social media really helpful. Although it is sometimes a bit creepy that they know exactly what I’m looking for, I still think it’s very convenient and it saves me a lot of time researching for the right product. It also helps small businesses advertise efficiently. So in my opinion, I feel it’s okay to give them access to all my social media interactions, website cookies etc in exchange for the convenience they bring.

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It's either or for me. If you want to have things more convenient for you then you need to accept giving up your privacy and vice versa. I don't think that the big companies will do anything to limit their data collecting ability. They can be more shady and hide their data collecting though.

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