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Tried to use Date class to do the dates assignment. Not having a lot of success. I tried putting dates in and got different dates out (specifically the day of the year). Also tried to find an easy way to get the difference between two dates, with little success. (Saw something on Stack overflow about converting to milliseconds, but didn't have success with it personally)

Are other people having problems with this class as well?

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Interesting. Can you be more specific about what went wrong? e.g. what code did you use to "put in" the date, and what wrong date "came out"?

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Not sure if this will help, but you could also take a look at the GregorianCalendar class... https://developer.android.com/reference/java/util/GregorianCalendar

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This worked for me. Much easier to use. Danke

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I had similar problems with the date class and converting so I switched to the LocalDate class and it has methods that make adding or subtracting dates a lot easier without converting.

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I had better luck using a Calendar object. You still have to deal with time being in milliseconds and relative to the Unix time epoch, but I think it is the easiest object to use when dealing with dates

Calendar startTime = Calendar.getInstance();

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HA i don't know how to calculate leap year with date object then i switch to Calendar object, problem solved

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