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On the coding part of the final, are we losing points if our codes are redundant?.

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2 Answers

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I have written some redundant codes before (because I ran out of time), and I did not lose any point because of that. It looks like as long as your program works PROPERLY, you won't lose point just because you include a lot of print statement in your main method. Still, clear code should be a good practice for every programmer, and you should still follow style expectations (like naming for variables and constants), but if you just run out of time or you're nervous during the exam, redundancy is not a problem.

Hope this answer your problem.

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It depends. If the code works but you put all your code in the main method rather than using methods or using too many print statements instead of loops then yes you would lose points. If you follow the directions and have some redundancy then there won't be many points taken from your code.

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