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I have a button that I have connected to a particle effect for on_click(). The first particles just shoot off the screen, but then after that they work, any ideas on why that is?

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3 Answers

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It may not sound the best but may work, is there any way to force the game to do a particle effect right away so then the first time it loads in it runs the particle effect very quickly and so then hopefully the effects of it glitching won't happen when the person actually presses it the first time. I know this isn't the best solution but may work.

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It sounds like there might be a delay or initialization issue with your particle system in Godot. Double check the settings for emitting particles. If you are emitting particles immediately upon the button click, consider adding a delay or ensuring that the particle system is in the correct state before emitting particles.

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I have also noticed that the particle system is a bit iffy with physics, I would check through your map to see if you have anything that the particles want to collide with

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