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How can I get the user type a line of input with many integer scores?

asked in CSC211_Winter2018 by (8 points)

2 Answers

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Nick is exactly correct about the concept of tokens.

I would use console.next() to read the name token because console.next() returns a String. If you use console.next() to read an integer, the integer will be returned as a String ("5") not the integer 5.

Use console.next() to read the name, but console.nextInt() to read the first integer (representing the number of scores) and a loop (as Nick suggests) to read the remaining integer scores with console.nextInt().

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Recall that a token is a unit of user input, as read by the Scanner. Tokens are separated by whitespace, such as a space, a tab, or a new line.

Because each integer is separated by whitespace, you can use a for loop to run through a line of user input a specified number of times and utilize console.next() to have your program run through the loop with each token.

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