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I want to be able to run by double pressing the same key I use to walk (think minecraft run)

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If you are using something that is an event you can call it in an if function

if event is InputEvent-whatever your button is and event.doubleclick:
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I haven't, but I programmed a double jump using the spacebar to double tap. So what I would recommend is something like having a boolean checking to see if player is walking, a timer to give the user time to active the run, and if both are true then the user gets to run. Though setting the run to a set key would be an idea if you can't get it to work.

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yea the 3d platformer kit has a double jump coded in if you wanna look at that and copy it

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You can additionally track the time elapsed between when it was clicked last and if it's within a short period of time you can change speeds that way

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There is a source on how to use the timer: https://godotforums.org/d/35106-is-there-a-simple-solution-for-a-double-tap

But I think double click would be easier to implant since there is a event.doubleclick method.

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Use a timer node and if the action is pressed twice within the time then maker the player run, obviously when it timesout then the player won't double run.

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