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Did anyone experience the problem when trying to expand the parent node (ex: textureRect, colorRect,...) the text inside got stretch out as well? How did you fix that?

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4 Answers

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I think it depends on what the child node is. For example if the child node is a texture rect you can turn on keep aspect in the settings and I think that would fix it. What is your child node?

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my child node is a label

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Any size adjustment you make to a parent node will affect all of its children. If you don't want any of the children nodes to be resized then you'll have to put them under a different parent.

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Honestly I think the best way to do this is to increase the size of the parent node in a scene. If your node tree is not its own scene then its probably best to make it its own scene so you can more easily adjust stuff in there

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i will try that. thank you!


your welcome

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I have been using a MarginContainer node to avoid that

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