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If you are using assets that require credits, how would you provide those credits? Would a link be sufficient enough? And would you put the credits in like a credits screen or somewhere else?

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3 Answers

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Depends on the license! CC0 licensees don’t require it, and if it’s another license that does like CC4, they generally provide some guidelines. If none are provided it’s a good idea to name what was provided, the name or website of who provided it, and a link if possible.

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Thank you! Would I put all this information ins a credits scene or somewhere else like a text file?


It needs to be somewhere that players of your game can see it, so a credits screen or splash screen would be appropriate. Just putting it in a text file probably wouldn't fulfill the license agreement if attribution is required.

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I'm thinking about having a page in the main menu that has all the credit to the third party assets

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I think that's what I'll do as well

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I am going to make a credits button on my main menu and take it to a scrolling page of text with all the credits

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