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any thoughts/comments are welcome

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I knew practically nothing about software development before this class and I honestly can't believe how much I learned just this semester.

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Yeah, I enjoyed the growth haha

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quite a learning curve but I enjoyed it a lot

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I did really like this class and I learned a ton from this class that I will use in the future. I love how this class allowed us to use all of the java we learned in 202.

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Learning how to work with a team was a very important skill I wanted to learn. I feel very good at using github and how to build software on a large level. Before this class I was only making very simple projects, and I didn't realize how complex something real would get.

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Very insightful class. Shows the ups and downs of working with a group and puts you in a semi-realistic situation, even up to the presentation stage. I feel like it does prepare you well in what to expect in a work environment.

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I learned alot with this, on how to make a functional app how to use git and how to work as a team together. It was a fun an interesting class.

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one of the best cs class ive taken

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