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Did your team implement the favorite cards feature, how did you go about it? How did you save and retrieve the favorite cards?

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8 Answers

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When a card is selected as a favorite it writes its short code to a file, removes it if unfavorited. When the program boots up and the card objects are added, if the card is listed in the file, its favoriteStatus Boolean is set to true, otherwise it’s false by default. Works well enough, haven’t had any problems.

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My group's favorited cards get added to a file

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Mine was magnifying the image. the code was not too complex and did not need much refactoring and looked clean when i run it

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saving the favorite cards within the app directory, add loading it first in the window before any other card with a little heart on the bottom right

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The Card Pops Out when clicked on!

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We saved it in a file that we read and write to.

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We saved it to a csv file and each card object stored whether or not it is a favorite card.

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I think every thing

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