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Do y'all have unit test for every class or tests for only the data models to meet the final Memo requirement?

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6 Answers

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do we need it for all of the data models? i have a class which pretty much collects all the data into one place making it accessible to all controllers so im planning to only write the test for that file

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My team still needs to work on unit testing but I don't think we'll have a unit testing for all the class.

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I thought it was not necessary to have unit tests for every class. I suppose a couple would be fine.

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Currently, we don't have unit tests for each class. We plan on adding more, I'm not sure if we have to do tests for each class though.

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although a lot of testing should be a good practice. I'm assuming it isn't a huuuge deal for the MEMO

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No we did not have the time to do one

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