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What issues did you run into and how did you solve them?

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To be honest, I have been really struggling to find a cohesive way that makes sense for our project to implement the undo/redo feature.

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We're currently knocking out other features because of our coding debt. By implementing more features it exposes more parts of our code that needs to be refactored. Then we'll starting working on harder features like the undo/redo.

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We have been trying but we aren't totally sure if we would be able to get it implemented before the launch date

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We've been working on it but running into some walls here.

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We've been looking into it but haven't been able to implement.

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I have a basic undo/redo function working now, that currently is able to work for the last added card. One of the biggest problems I ran into was making sure that the Lesson plan was saving in the correct places, i.e. every time there is any change at all, and creating mementos from that. Also remember to create deep clones of your objects rather than shallow copies as you will also run into problems then.

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i was really stuck previously but looking at the "saving state" feature in the drawing app cleared so many of my confusions

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