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If so, what did you use them for? Dr. Stonedahl suggested that they might be helpful so I am trying to figure out if I can easily incorporate one into our project.

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Yes, it is present throughout our app. Excellent sources are available on YouTube.

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I tried that for printing but decided to remove

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Yes, we did, we used it to make our navigation buttons grow when the user hovers their mouse over it. To provide more feedback to the user about what they are about to do.

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Yes, we found a bunch of javafx UI tutorials on youtube and implemented the ones we liked! They even have tutorials on how to implement CSS.

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We haven't, right now we only use styling directly from the Scene Builder :(

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Yes we have. A bunch of our buttons use CSS to change colors when clicked

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We have not but after reading through this chain we will be researching it.

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yes we tried to be exclusively css files and no setstyle but that was harder than we imagined for some reason

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